Business Agility

The antidote to chaos – comprised of three main pillars

Being aware - understanding what’s going on with customers, competitors, regulators and employees – underpins agility. This means your business has to be continually benchmarking, measuring and analyzing both internal and external factors to keep in front of change.
Without context, awareness can lead to paralysis. Context comes from having the right people having the right information at the right time and clear communication across your business; it means understanding how things will affect the different parts of your business and how challenges and initiatives in different parts of your business affect each other.
Clarity of Action
Determining what to do and how to do it should be natural. Making timely decisions and prioritizing them effectively flow from being aware and having context. An agile organization builds consensus, coordinates action and focuses on outcomes as part of the process.

Agility Advantage

Tailored three to six month program working with executive-level teams, culminating in the Business Agility Accelerator – a focused, prioritized action plan with a dashboard.

Our web-based, integrative management tool that fosters communication, synchronizes organizational effort and tracks strategic initiatives without getting bogged down in the detail complexity of typical project management tools.

Our Executive Briefings are fast–paced and interactive presentations, offered by experienced thought leaders, focused on a particular aspect of agile management practices – they provide an opportunity for open and frank discussion between the presenters and attendees. Presented by thought leaders, our Executive Briefings are small–group, 90 minute sessions for CEOs and senior level executives.

Training Camps

Our Training Camps build on concepts introduced in our Executive Briefings. Our full day program provides a deeper introduction to tools and techniques that promote and foster agile practices and offer attendees working sessions throughout the day to become more comfortable in their use.